Attempt to login to googlesheets results an error

Hi All,
I try to follow this:

and get an error that login for this app is temporary not available through google account ?

sheet <- googlesheets::gs_title("bobs_burgers_survey_results")

Any ideas ?

Hi Andrzej,

Two possible reasons (easy enough, since they're my slides):

  1. The code was really meant to show how I got from point A to B as an example, and I don't think anyone other than me has actual access to that data.
  2. The Google API for googlesheets is changing, and there's and people will be moving to googlesheets4 (the name of which reflects the google API version).

Gavin Simpson has a great post on pivoting here with data available if you're looking to try your hand at more of the new tidyr syntax:

Also there are, of course, the vignettes in the package:

Hi Mara, @mara

Thank you very much indeed for your help and reply. Congratulations on very informative presentation, by the way is your lecture available as video or webinar ? Would be great to hear your comments on your slides. :smile:

best regards,

Unfortunately, I don't think it was archived, but, if I turn out to be wrong, I'll let you know.

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