Attaching custom data to H2O model and save it to disk, then load it back

I just trained a Neural Network with H2O as follows:

> m = h2o.deeplearning(
  model_id = "nn_testing",

Then, I want to save it to disk, but before that I want save along with it some context information, for example: { room: "C", approved: "Yes" }

I tried the following:

> m@room = "C"

But I got the error:

Error in (function (cl, name, valueClass)  : 
  ‘room’ is not a slot in class “H2OBinomialModel”

Then I tried something I found here:

by doing:

> H2OBinomialModelCustom = setClass(
  slots = c(room = "character", approved = "character"),
  contains = "H2OBinomialModel"
> m2 = H2OBinomialModelCustom(m, room = "C", approved = "Yes")
> View(m2)

and I got the following:


which looks promising.

Then I save it to the current directory:

> h2o.saveModel(m2, ".")

Then I load it back and save it on variable: m3:

> m3 = h2o.loadModel(path = "./nn_testing")
> View(m3)


but unfortunately, as you can see above, those 2 attributes are not there.

It looks like they were not saved when I did: h2o.saveModel(...).

Any idea on how can I save custom info along H2O Neural Networks? I think this is a common use case since some times is very important to save information relative to the context of the training.


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