Atomic vector error in R for $ symbol. Please find reproducible example below

On a different note, I'm happy to hear that I've helped you! :grin: And I know how it feels when you're struggling through something and you just need answers :sweat: . But it's not a great idea to nudge people for more help — it tends to come across as demanding, no matter how it's meant.

Keep in mind that people like me answer questions here entirely on our own time and for free, so we may not be available as quickly as you wish. There's not much you can do about that, but you can set yourself up to get the best, fastest help possible by taking care to be respectful of your helpers' time. That might look like: working to improve your questions (see: FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions), learning how to make solid self-contained reproducible examples so helpers can understand your problem quickly and efficiently, and being patient with threads :grin: