Atom Theme - How to Get this Added to RStudio 1.2?

RStudio 1.2 seems to have introduced the ability to import custom themes - And the way Atom Text Editor themes / colors R code is among the nicest.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out exactly which theme file I would need, or where I would find it, to get the Atom coloring in RStudio. Does anyone know?

This functionality represents more great work out of the RStudio team, thanks as always!

Hi @mara - Tagging you as a I believe you mentioned an older way to do this on Twitter. Do you happen to know the latest and greatest methodology, now that 1.2 seems to support this standardly? Thank you!

Yeah. So now you can import a TmTheme or an rstheme file! I put notes on it at the bottom of the readme here: