Assignment Explanation Help needed. Worried sick.

Hi :slight_smile: my name is Benjamin,
I have a sister studying in Essex.... she called me panicking about an assignment in R studio.
It's very basic, but she has 2 deadlines due tomorrow.
I underestimated R (kudos to you guys!).
I promised her I would get it done for her, then explain her how it's done
instead of her researching for hours to know how.
Is someone willing to help me through the steps?
I can't believe people flagged this post,
I never asked anyone to do it for me !
I wish someone would just take me trough the steps.
for you guys it is super easy!!! For me it means the world.

Welcome to RStudio community. This is a good place to ask R related questions.

You might point your sister to our guide for asking coding questions.

(I’m not sure it’ll be helpful for a 24-hour deadline though)


Thank you for your reply!!!! :slight_smile: I want to do it.... tell her how I did it after..
She just felt so stressed, I want to help, hate seeing her like this!

Maybe you are getting flagged because you are not asking an specific R related question and we have some guidelines about that in the community.

Try making more specific coding questions about your issues and you are going to get help for sure, good luck!

To follow-up on this and not to pile on, flagging a post isn't necessarily a negative thing. It indicates folks wanted to make sure your question got special attention before you could really be helped by the wider community.

To address your question, it's still not clear what kind of help you're looking for. There exists thousands of resources online (plus likely your sister's course syllabus) on how to get started with R. But pointing out that you could search for those things feels a little obvious and snarky to me (... so I'll say it anyway in the most roundabout and friendly way I can think of... sorry...).

If your sister has a specific coding question about her assignment, I encourage her to ask it. There are lots of people here that might be able to help. How should she ask it? Here's a handy guide to get started: FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions. Since this is a homework question, you should be aware that this forum is frequented by R-user instructors, and so you should be aware of our homework policy, FAQ: Homework Policy.

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Thanks for the tip, I obviously have no experience... But I will keep that in mind !

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