Assigning factor variable to a new column instead of factor level

I have a data frame like below

df1 <- data.frame(Type=c("A","B","C"),Grade=c(23,22,44))

I need to create a new column "cat" with the condition as below

df1$cat <- ifelse(df1$Grade > 30, df1$Type, "0")

When i print column "cat" i wanted it to return 0,0,C. However it is returning me 0,0,3. Looks like it is returning the factor levels of Type instead of the actual values. Can someone suggest how can i get the desired output?

You can transform the factor to a character.

df1$cat <- ifelse(df1$Grade > 30, as.character(df1$Type), "0")
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What if i have strings instead of characters in column Type?

as.character() transforms an object to a string, so it will also work with objects that have more than one character

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In addition to Peddapaan's answar, you could execute the line


before you do anything else, that will save you a lot of headache :slight_smile:

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