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Hello everyone. I have a problem that has been bothering me for a month now, and I urgently need your help. I am unable to execute an R Markdown code (knit), even though each chunk executes correctly. Here is the error message I am getting:

""Erreur dans file(filename, "r", encoding = encoding) :
impossible d'ouvrir la connexion
Appels : source -> file
De plus : Message d'avis :
Dans file(filename, "r", encoding = encoding) :
impossible d'ouvrir le fichier 'renv/activate.R' : No such file or directory
ExĂ©cution arrĂȘtĂ©e ""

Hi @vanes, welcome!

Try to check the current working directory:

getwd() # show you directory

You could set the working directory:


Maybe you made an Rstudio update ?

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I have updated RStudio several times, installed and uninstalled it.
This message appears even the first time I open RStudio after installation.

This problem started when I installed the 'renv' package, a virtual environment. It bothered me so much that I uninstalled it
:pensive: :sob:

If it is still a problem, you might try resetting RStudio's state as described here.