as_survey_design --> gt --> printing in a Word knit

Hi - I've structured a survey proportion with CI's as follows; I would like to knit to a Word document, but gt is not compatible - can I save this as as_flex_table or as_hux_table instead?

baro_weightedpointprevalence_srvyr <- table3_baro %>%
as_survey_design(ids=grappe_no,fpc=fpc, weights=HH_weight_normalized)

  table <- baro_weightedpointprevalence_srvyr  %>%
  group_by(GAM_any) %>%
  summarize(proportion=survey_prop(vartype="ci", level=.95),
  table3_baro_gt <- table %>% select(-starts_with("total_"))
gt(table3_baro_gt)  |>
 gt::cols_label(GAM_any = "GAM- any",
  proportion = "Prevalence",
  proportion_low = "Lower Bound- 95% CI",
  proportion_upp="Upper Bound- 95% CI",
  total = "Count") |> 
  tab_spanner("Proportion", contains("prop")) |> 
  tab_spanner("Total", contains("total")) |> 
  tab_header(title=md("**Baro- GAM**")) |>
  fmt_percent(contains("prop"), drop_trailing_zeros = T, decimals=1) |> 
  cols_width(proportion:total ~ px(75))

When I do this:

  include = everything(),
  return_calls = FALSE,
  strip_md_bold = FALSE

I get this error message:

 i Updating gtsummary object from `x$table_header` to `x$table_styling` introduced in "v1.4.0".
Error in UseMethod("mutate") : 
  no applicable method for 'mutate' applied to an object of class "NULL"


Reading your post, it seems to be a mix of {gt} and {gtsummary} code (different packages).
Can you provide a reproducible example (something we can run on our machines), and we can try to troubleshoot with you.

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