Artifactory and RStudioConnect?

Hello, friends! :sparkles: Is anyone else at an organization that uses Artifactory? We use it at Stack Overflow for binary repositories, and they recently announced support for CRAN repositories.

We also use RStudio Connect and I have not had a lot of fun installing internal packages via these instructions, matching up hashes and whatnot. Our packages are on our internal instance of GitHub Enterprise, and this new CRAN support from Artifactory looks really promising.

Is anybody else working with a similar setup? Has anybody else tried anything along these lines?


Our team uses drat + an internal CRAN-like Repo hosted on GH pages, which so far has worked really well with Connect. Just the source pkgs though -- so I will be watching this question with interest :grinning:


At my place of work, our rstudio connect server and rstudio server cluster are offline. To deal with that, our current setup is an internal CRAN mirror on an apache web server, with also some Cranlike repo for non cran package on others endpoints. (github, bioc and internal non published packages). This works well with rstudio connect publishing, but not so easy to maintain (lots of scripts)

we don't have Artifactory but Nexus and I am currently testing it to replace the setup using the community R plug-in. This should ease the maintenance and publication mechanism. It works fine for now and should provide one repo url for every type of package.

Also, RStudio will launch soon a new commercial product: a package manager. This will be a concrete solution to all this. Beta phase should begin very soon I think. It will act like Artifactory or Nexus but dedicated to R packages repositories and their specificities. Should be of interest to you.


I haven't gotten to play with it much yet (since it's brand spanking new), but RStudio Package Manager might help with some of those pain points you're describing: