Are you (Posit) going to compile RStudio builds specific for the latest Ubuntu 24.04 LTS version any time soon?

You state to support all currently supported Ubuntu LTS versions but the latest 24.04 LTS version has been out for a while and there are no builds specific for it yet. I know the builds for 22.04 LTS work just fine on it but, not having a build specific for it, it messes up with "infrastructure as code" automation

Thanks for your interest @andresrcs !

A few updates:

  • We won’t have official support for Ubuntu 24 until the Cranberry Hibiscus release, currently targeted as 2024.07
  • We would likely have it as Ubuntu 22/24 on the download page - we often have dual support like Ubuntu 18/20 in the past
  • The jammy-amd64 object will have the right content in the API if you are trying to pull it in programatically.

Thanks for the updates, it's nice to know what to expect. About the programmatic thing, I manage systems with different OS versions (sadly, some cloud computing providers update later than others) so I use something like this

- name: Download rstudio-server stable
      url: "{{ ansible_distribution_release }}/amd64/rstudio-server-{{ rstudio_version.replace('+', '-') }}-amd64.deb"
      dest: ~/rstudio-server-{{ rstudio_version }}-amd64.deb

I'll have to think on a walk around, no big deal

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