Are there any functional consequences to keeping all my Shiny code in 1 huge app.R file?

I've built a Shiny app and it runs on approximately ~3,000 lines of code. The code is organized and could easily be split into several modules , according to Dean's example split app code across multiple files (when codebase is large).

Let's say the app is completely wrapped up (it won't grow any larger or be modified/reviewed frequently). Is there any functional consequence to leaving everything in one single app.R file? (my ui and server are all included currently).

Is my app going to run/deploy particularly slowly just from being sourced from a single file?


There shouldn't be a noticeable difference in deploy/run time. The global, ui, and server sections are connected the same whether they are in a single file or spread across multiple files. However, if you share it with others or don't look at it for some time, it might be worse in terms of readability and collaboration.

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