Are bookdown cross-references in a table in Word possible?


I am writing a report in R Markdown. This report will contain a table with three columns, the third of which contains cross-references to sections elsewhere in the document. I have to output the document to .docx. Is there a way to have R Markdown/bookdown cross-references being output correctly in a Word table (preferably using the {flextable} package).

A reprex (stolen - I would call it recycled - from this post) is included below.

title: "Can we do this using bookdown::word_document2?"
output: bookdown::pdf_document2

# Section {#ref1}

## Sub section {#ref1-1}

# A different section {#ref2}

```{r echo = FALSE}

cross_references <- tibble(
  Section_Name = c("Section",              "Sub section",            "A different section"),
  Section      = c("Section \\@ref(ref1)", "Section \\@ref(ref1-1)", "Section \\@ref(ref2)")

ft_cross_reference <- flextable(cross_references)


The cross-references display correctly when the output is PDF (i.e. when output: bookdown::pdf_document2 but only "Section \@ref(ref1)" when the output is Word.

Is it even possible to have cross-references work correctly in a table in Word?

All help is most welcome!


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Have you read about single document for bookdown ?

You did not share what YAML format you are using for word so I don't know if you are aware

Hi Christophe,

Thanks again for replying to my post! I included a minimal YAML header in my reprex; for this example I am using bookdown::pdf_document2, but the wish is to have the cross-references also work with bookdown::word_document2 (which I guess is the only way to have cross-references function) (and, as said, preferably with {flextable}).

Note that what I am looking for is for the cross-references to work inside a table (and not, as is customary, in the text itself).

Note that what I am looking for is for the cross-references to work inside a table (and not, as is customary, in the text itself).

Then this is something to look for inside flextable...

this is working if you are using


So it seems that what flextable is doing is not supported by bookdown reference mechanism. I don't know what or where it happens. This is an issue to report and/or look into in one of those two packages.

@atusy, hope you don't mind me pinging you, is this something you encountered or solve through ftExtra package ?

The cross-references do indeed seem to be working by using {kable} - and that is more than enough for my present purposes. The problem, then, does seem to lie with {flextable}.

Thanks again, Christophe!

Unfortunately, even with bookdown-style crossref is not supported by flexdown even with ftExtra.
I do not even come up with ideas to implement it (for now).

I guess you can workaround by using custom cross-reference by officedown.

@cderv Thanks for pining.

Thanks both of you for your replies.

I tried replicating Christophe's solution (with knitr::kable()) in my document, but could not get the cross-references in the table to work when output to Word (although this worked for the reprex I posted, as indicated by Christophe). Seems I have some further digging to do.


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