Arch Linux - Cannot see system fonts in Editor fonts

I want to use the Fira Code font in RStudio 1.2.5033. I installed the font on my system (Linux 5.5.13-arch2-1 x86_64). I checked that it is available (e.g. in LibreOffice). Interestingly, I could also see it by means of the extrafont R package through plotting within RStudio. But, invariably, it fails to show under Tools > Global Options > Appearance. I only have 6 font options there, no matter how many TTF monospace fonts my system has installed. Any advice on how to proceed is very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem. I can use the fonts in all other applications.

Running Manjaro with RStudio 1.2.5033

Hi jorab, I have in the meanwhile found a solution, I should've added it here, my bad.
For me what finally worked was to install the 'nerd-fonts-fira-code' package in my Arch Linux boxes. It looks great now!

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Thanks, its working now.

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