Apps deployed on fail when connecting to Snowflake

Hello, I have two shiny apps deployed on that connect to my company's snowflake. Both were working fine until this week. Now the apps load, but disconnect as soon as they attempt to connect to Snowflake. Both work fine locally. Apps that do NOT connect to Snowflake are still working fine. I can't share too much code because they are proprietary to my company, but I'm seeing a lot of server issues in the log files. See some snippets below. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or if I should provide further detail. Thanks!

85: retry(fn, isRetryable = function(e) { e$message == "Failed to create server"}, delay = function(iter) { (iter - 1) * 0.5})
86: connect$retryingStartServer(function() {, start_args)})

In case it's relevant, my company is paying every month for the standard plan. Is there a way for paying customers to receive support, or is posting here the only option?

Hi @Katie_Segreti !

Premium email support is available for paying customers, via the support site.

We've got this issue tracked internally and are working on a fix which should be available soon!

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