Applying own fonts to all plots

I've been looking for a way of applying my own fonts to the plots but all I can see is related to default windows fonts. I had a request from my client to apply his provided fonts to all documents I produce. Applying that to MS Office was simple because I cimply toppied new fonts to my machine. Unfortunately, I cannot use them in R plots.
What code should I use to upload "My onw fonts" to my plots?
I've tried a few solotions such as this one:

font_import() # import all your fonts
fonts() #get a list of fonts

but it does not work. My fonts are saved in the same place as all other windows fonts.
Can you help please?

if you are on windows you have to import your fonts this way

loadfonts(device = "win")

Thank you. How can I check if my font is listed?

Search by font name

font_name <- "UnBatang"
grep(font_name, fonts(), value = TRUE)

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