Application Runs on RStudio Locally but Disconnects on Shiny Server when displaying large datasets

My Shiny script queries a Postgresql DB, massages the data somewhat and then displays a few graphs.

It works fine on the local machine with the exception of some exceptionally large datasets that crash Chrome. Those sets I don't expect to be able to see on the web version, and that's ok.

The version running on the Shiny Server(RHLE7 VMWare Box) is much more flimsy and goes "Disconnected" for much smaller datasets already. The script does work well on the shiny server when the data being displayed is small enough, but it needs to be much smaller than when I run it locally, which I find strange.

Any ideas on how to approach this would be appreciated. Let me know if there's something I should clarify further and I'll gladly add to the description.