Application loads slowly when deployed on shiny server pro

Help needed :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I know that when the application is slow, there are multiple reasons like code not optimized and calling data from databases,

But the issue, I am using R shiny server pro.
The very small simple application (plotting the histogram) when loaded locally it is super fast. But when deployed on shiny server pro, it is taking time. Why is this? I understand when the code is huge and there might be delay because of this.

But this is a simple application with 10 lines of code (both UI and server) and acts slowly when deployed on shiny server pro.

Can anyone guide me please?

Since you are not sharing any specifics about your server and network infrastructures all we can offer are guesses.

I would check for latency on the connection to the server, computational load on the server at the moment of testing, and computational power of the client computer (even if it runs on a web browser you need enough memory an CPU power to do so smoothly).


I got some info from my fellow mate here.
The admin dashboard says, the memory usage is 380GB out of 400GB.

So is this a possibility that the applications are slow?

It's impressive that your server has 400gb of memory.
And you say your laptop can run the same process ?

Very strange.

There must be a relevant difference between your environments

You mean it is not possible in reality (400GB of memory?)

No. That's not what I'm saying.

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