"Application Experience" on Windows 7 locks dlls

I am experiencing a serious problem: when I compile a package in Rstudio after the first run, new compilations don't succede because the permission to overwrite the dll is denied. I tried many solutions, including devtools::unload and R.utils::gcDLLs. The only solution that works is to rename the dll (it wouldn't allow deleting but renaming is ok, search me). I believe the problem is connected with Rstudio because when trying to delete the dll, the message says it is hogged by Rstudio Rsession. The same problem happens on my office PC.

In any case, I saw a post about a different language mentioning Windows 7 Application Experience process which would instead help this kind of problems. Well, after stopping the process the problem disapeared. I am pretty sure this is the cause because the problem started after a bloody Windows update.

Just to ask if this is a bug in rstudio or if I have to live with this solution..

The packages contain RcppEigen code and on one computer I am using I am using the latest Rstudio release with R-5xx and on mine Rstudio development 1.2.1335 build with R4.1x. and 3.6xx.

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