Appendix after references in Quarto

With RMarkdown, it was possible to put content after the References, by doing something like this:

# References {.unnumbered}

::: {#refs}

# Appendix {.unnumbered}

That doesn't seem to work with Quarto. I can change the name of the references with that method (so I know how to reference the references block), but I can't seem to put any content after the references, except for footnotes, which are placed there automatically. Is it possible to do that in Quarto out-of-the-box, or does it involve some advanced styling?

What format are you trying to render to? This approach still works fine for me for PDF.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried pdf yet. I outputted to html (and mostly was using quarto preview filename to check things. RMarkdown worked with html, so I didn’t think to try other formats. I’ll do so later today

Yeah, you're right. Rendering it to pdf produced the desired results. I should have checked, but since it used to work in RMarkdown when rendering to html, I thought it would in Quarto as well. I guess it must be something with the default .css. Thanks again.

Using ::: {#refs} should work as documented,

However, a note that Quarto has a special appendices section for HTML

By default, References and footnotes are moved in this sections. That is where your references is going, and your current Appendix probably stays in the main body instead of also being moved to the bottom in Appendices sections.

You could use this to set Appendix after reference.

Changing the styling of the Appendices section is also possible. appendix-style: none should deactivate the behavior. It should probably give you what you expect

Also it was possibly a bug and now using ::: {#refs} will indeed not place the bibliography in the appendix section like in Quarto - Citations & Footnotes

You need last pre-release version Quarto - Download Quarto

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