App with file upload in R Studio Connect

Hi all,

My organization is in the middle of a move from R Studio Shiny Server Pro to R Studio Connect. One of our most used apps on shiny server pro includes a file upload feature: The user uploads a file (typically an image) using a fileInput. After some checks, the file is copied with file.copy to a location on our server. To avoid conflicts with deployment, this folder is not the app folder -- to be precise, the app files are located inside /srv/shiny-server/awesomeApp, while the files are stored in /srv/shiny-server/awesomeImages. The files are then made visible from within the app using their url adress, with something like an img(src =

We're struggling on how to replicate this functionality on connect. Is it possible to create a folder somewhere on the server hosting Connect, let a user upload files to it through an application, and then create direct links to files located in that folder? Or is there a sneakier, better way of doing it?