App deployed on gets disconnected from server just for some users once in a while

I've successfully deployed two applications on You can find them here:

The problem is that for some users, once in a while, the application doesn't start, but the frustrating part is that I got no logs error message! There's just the grey screen with the popup that says "Disconnected from server".
What happens is exactly the same that this user experienced with his Shiny app:!searchin/shinyapps-users/disconnected|sort:date/shinyapps-users/MizC2f8Eaj8/i8G0pbDwBgAJ

In addition, the strangest thing is that this error never happens on my machine, and after I try to check what's happening, I successfully connect to my app and then also the users that were experiencing the error can connect.

I have no clue on how to solve this also because I can't reproduce the error. Any suggestion and idea would be super appreciated! Thanks a lot!

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This happens to me too, I would like an answer!

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I have gone from having one or two users experience this on occasions to most users regularly, and now today all users every time.

Trying to load with console open on chrome to see what happens it shows 404 errors from but shinyapps status page shows no issues.

Till now I was unable to diagnose the error as I was always able to get in and because I now know that users are getting a 404 they never connect to the app to generate a log file which explains that.

This is happening across multiple apps on the shinyapps servers.

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