App Aborts Due Python Related Error

I've been facing some issues in deploying shinny apps that use python libraries, specifically Keras, Tensorflow. I have an shiny app that loads an image that is then classified by a CNN model and the result is then printed in the screen. Running locally this app does not pose any issue.

After lots of search and reading I understand now that I need to setup a few things more regarding the environments and paths.

In previous topics of mine and other places in the internet, I see this app being recommended to address "deploying shinyapps using python":

I tried to run it without any kind of modification and get this error message in the console and the app aborts (also tried to replace my app code in it, but the result is as expected the same):

Listening on
Warning in system2(python, args, stdout = TRUE, stderr = FALSE) :
  running command '"python3" -E -c "import platform; print(platform.python_version())"' had status 9009
Warning: Error in if: argument is of length zero
  49: virtualenv_module
  48: reticulate::virtualenv_create
  47: server [C:\Users\pedro.david\Documents\1.R_projects\shiny-reticulate-app-master/server.R#18]
Error in if (py_version >= "3.6") modules <- c("venv", modules) : 
  argument is of length zero

Thanks for your help

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