API for adding multiple users to a workspace

RStudio Cloud is a great resource with a lot of potential. However, there lacks an easy way to add many users onto a workspace (for instance a class). Is there anyway that the e-mail field shown below could accept multiple e-mail addresses (e.g. e-mail@fake.com;e-mail2@fake.com and so on.)

I do understand that there is a "shared" link option. However, the generated link is a bit long. It would be very helpful if it could be shortend, e.g. rstudio.cloud/space

Thanks for the suggestion. The API to allow you to manage the invitees in bulk, and the membership list was on our backlog already, and we have gotten sufficient demand to prioritize the work ahead of some of the other ideas we had.

Until then, the workaround we have in place is to change the membership of the space to allow anyone with the URL to join, and to lock it down to invite only after you have gotten the bulk of your users in.
Thanks for your suggestions