Apache Arrow R - more than sparklyr?

Trying to get the gist of how the Apache Arrow project can be used in R...

I see it has been already implemented in sparklyr.. but we dont use spark.

From all the stuff i've read it has many benefits including these:

  • efficient memory representation. R is quite bloated for memory usage - is Arrow something that can be used as the backend for any objects?
  • gandiva - language-agnostic data querying - i.e. once the memory object is in arrow format, non-R libraries can be used to compile/execute the query
  • querying across larger-than-memory datasets

does anyone know what work there is to integrate arrow beyond sparklyr?


I'd be interested in this too. I currently use the arrow package for its read & write feather (deserialise in memory) & parquet functions, but not much else. Seems like a lot install & keep up to date for not much use, unless some packages are using it already without me knowing?

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