APA Style Greek Symbols in R Markdown

As a default, markdown creates Greek Symbols in italics. This is problematic as I have to work in APA style which explicitly requires non-italicized values. Does anyone have a solution here - even packages designed to produce APA style are getting this wrong.

$\eta^{2}$ = .72
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I get a non italic shape when I render. Are you sure it's not just the latin modern font?

Not really understanding your reply. I use Times New Roman

When I render a markdown document with $eta = 1$, I get a non-italic eta in the Latin Modern font.

Please provide a minimal example of the document that compiles to render an italic symbol.

(Also you should consider \eta^{2} = .72 to get better spacing around the equals sign.)

Regardless of font, the following piece Knits to italics on the eta value. Below is complete markdown code that will reproduce the issue

The tutorial group (M = 9.0, SD = 1.0) scored highest, followed by the lecture (M = 7.0, SD = 1.5) and discussion groups (M = 4.8, SD = 0.8), F(2, 12) = 15.8, p < .001, \eta^{2} = .72.

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