Anything similar to minimap in atom

I have recently started using atom for a totally different reason not for R of course.

It has a package called minimap which shows a small column at the right or left which shows all of your code in very small fonts along with some Colors to distinguish them from one another. It's an awesome thing to have if your code base grows bigger.

I don't know if rstudio has anything like that. Please do reply. Very small query.


You can have an outline in an R script of the function and the section.

See on the right and at the bottom. Some keyboard shorcut can help you navigate quickly.

In an Rmd file, you will have the same with

  • an overview of all titles in your doc on the right (a TOC)
  • an overview of all titles all all chunks (using named chunk is better) at the bottom

There may be other feature but I kown and use these ones for now.

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