Anyone have issues with RStudio Cloud on a MAC

I will start by saying I am new but I am seeing some weird things in RStudio Cloud. I keep losing packages I load as well as data. I have to reload them even when I have been working in the same project and session.

Any ideas? Is that normal to have to reload stuff.

Hi @Brandy_Brown ,

Sorry to hear about your issues. I am not 100% sure what you mean by losing packages and having to reload them. In general, you install an R package by typing at the command line:

install.packages("<the package's name>")

Once the package is installed, you can make its contents available to use in your current R session by running

library("<the package's name>")

Once you install a package in a project in RStudio Cloud, the package should not need to be re-installed.

Regarding lost packages and data, could you please provide more detail so we can diagnose:

  1. What is an example of a package you installed and then lost? Please share the command you used to install the package and a bit more information on what happens when you you lost it.
  2. Was the data that you lost ever saved in a file? If so, do you recall the name of the filename?
  3. Was there any errors/messages produced while you ran into these problems? If so, please share any error messages or a screenshots that you may have.
  4. What command were you running when the error happened or when you lost packages/data?
  5. What is the project URL for the project you are having problems with?


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