Any tips regarding installing rqda in newer R-versions?

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I try to install RQDA for a while now but it turns out to be quite difficult, because both RQDA and RGtk2 (which I need to use RQDA) seem to be no longer supported by R. I already tried RQDAssist (GitHub - BroVic/RQDAassist: Helpers for RQDA) and Ronggui/RQDA (GitHub - Ronggui/RQDA: R-based Qualitative Data Analysis). Both didn't work because of some issue with RGtk2. Does anybody have any recent experiences with RQDA? Will downloading an earlier version of R help?

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You can try to install it from Github but the project has been abandoned, there are installation instructions in the repository.

Using an older R version might be need if compilation fails, look for a version prior to the Rgtk2 removal from CRAN.

You can now get the binaries for RGtk2 that are suited to your OS using the MRAN links provided at RQDAassist does work for Windows (I used it for my team last week), but it takes longer because it builds RGtk2 from source.

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