Any plans for plumbr to go the route?

Plumbr looks amazing.

I SO wish R offered an easier start up version (like they do with Shiny and to host small APIs for small team projects. Connect is big overhead for small teams at first and Docker set up takes a special set of skills. I've happily deployed to shinyapps... but some RStudio hosted subscription service for plumbr APIs to prove value for something like connect would be great. Any talk around the RStudio water cooler of something like that down the road?

I see Connect has education/academic discounts and trials for data scientists and IT types... but if you've just got a small team's first few problems that APIs would solve best, Connect / Teams can be a big ticket item to solve those first few problems the right way... ?

Or check out

Thanks Meztez. I've seen the preview version of connect, though that feels different than the model. I'll check out the plumberDeploy setup helpers. Still curious about any future hosted, credentialed, subscription-based service for smaller teams and lighter use, again, like the model...

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