Any package in R used in Oceanography and meterology?

I want to do some analysis in bathymetric , allometric , hydrographic , climate and weather data .
any suggestion ?

Climate data tends a little bit more toward Python than R, but here're a few packages that are specifically designed for accessing or working with climate data:

  • rnoaa: access a whole bunch of NOAA datasets
  • rdwd: access German weather data
  • climpact2: calculate climate extremes indices (shameless plug: this one is from my centre :wink:)

Most climate data (observations, model output, reanalysis) is in the NetCDF format (.nc), so I'd grab some packages for working NetCDFs, like ncdf4 and tidync. Once you have those, there's a whole world of climate data out there—so much I'd have to ask you to be more specific :stuck_out_tongue:


Check our CRAN's Environmetrics task views too >> Hydrology and Oceanography And climatology.
Many of those packages have data or link to data in their vingettes.

(Interestingly, none of James' suggestions were in that task view, it looks like this hasn't been updated in almost a year)


Yeah... I like the Task Views in theory, but they depend a lot on (a) people emailing the maintainer for a given view, and (b) the maintainer updating the list. I feel like Task Views would benefit a lot from moving to more of a Wiki model, or maybe a GitHub-esque model where people can submit PRs.