Any one tried out the R-Brain IDE?

Just read about it here

I would need to see some trustworthy (+non-paid) reviews before I could justify dedicating time to learning an IDE that charges by the minute. The RStudio model works both better for me personally (I can install RStudio Desktop, Server, and Shiny Server for unlimited usage without signing up for anything) and professionally (all of my data can stay on-premises).


Thanks for reply
They do have a free option but what does "Access to machines with 2GB of memory only" even mean?

From what I can gather, it effectively means that you get a 2GB virtual machine (other tiers allow custom memory sizing) that runs the IDE/analysis tools on top of it. Since you get 20 GBh/month, that means that you get 10 hours of usage free per month. If it was viable for my workflow, I would have to start by looking at the $19/month plan minimum, which would allow 50 hours of 4GB machine usage/month (or 100 hours of 2GB machine time). I doubt I would be a great analyst with a literal meter running, though, even if I was reasonably sure that I had enough time for a given month.

Hello, I'm Ali co-founder of R-Brain. I would like to clarify a couple of points. First, on paid plans, you have unlimited 1-GB workspace. It means, when you use 1 GB of memory it doesn't count towards your usage. Second, we have on-premises version as well, if you would like to run on your own server.