Any job hunting recommendations for a fresh junior Data Analyst?

I just finished the Google Data Professional Certificate, and I'm currently looking for a job. Still, I'm unsure which jobs I should apply for since most of them ask for 1-2 years of experience, and I clearly do not have that experience. Any recommendations on how to start job hunting ?. I'm really good with R programming and SQL.

Hi Brennan,

Congrats on the certificate.

If you are good with SQL and R, you should have no problem getting into a data analyst or data scientist job. I would suggest trying not to aim too high and starting with a less "fancy" position.

It will give you a great opportunity to learn working within a team and a business context and essential analysis skills.

Also, I would suggest not going especially for something that requires or uses R or SQL specifically, most jobs use Excel and BI tools. If you get a job that still analyses data using Excel, you can always automate what they do using R and show then your skills.

I think this would be a good starting point, and from there you can get experience and have some projects to show to future employers.

Hope you find a job soon,

Thanks a lot for your advice, I really do appreciate it Vlad

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