Another Black Screen Problem

A few days ago, I had a black screen when I tried to open RStudio. RStudio is a black screen that won't close - #2 by andresrcs

I took the advice given in the above link and made the change. However, I still have a problem,

I was eventually able to get RStudio open and working. I then tried to open an R script by clicking on the file name from a Windows 10 folder. That produced a black screen which I cannot get rid of. Then in RStudio I did File/Open File. I was able to open the file. So then I had a working RStudio screen and a black screen.

I was able to close the working screen but not the black screen. I need to reboot my computer in order to get rid of the black screen.
Now that the black screen is open, I am unable to open RStudio. I will need to reboot my computer in order to use RStudio.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to permanently eliminate black screens?

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