Anomoly detection

Hello all,
I'm new to R and I'm working on poc to find anomoly in data set. I need to add flag with Boolean value if it's outlier. Can anyone suggest me some good approach.i tried with anomoly detection and few other but no luck.

Looks like I'm doing it in wrong way.

Below sample code I tried plot data and getting time decompose function missing error.

anomalize(remainder, alpha = 0.2, max_anoms = 0.2)%>%
plot_anomalies(time_recompose = T)+
ggtitle("20% anomaly Allowed")

Need help to find good approach to do it.

|1/10/2018 0:01|0.0168|
|1/10/2018 0:01|0.0293|


Hi, and welcome. It's kinda hard to model to a precision of one hour in with only 3 seconds of data in transactiondate and no idea of the threshold for an outage based on value.

Could you please repost a reproducible example, called a reprex with some clarification? Thanks.

We all want to help, but sometimes a question can't be answered in the abstract.

Hi thannks for helping..!! mentioned values are sample values. I have data for more than months

To reiterate technocrat's advice, it's not clear where you're having trouble. A good way to seek help with relatively self contained R-coding problems like this is with a reproducible example. Have a look at this link if you're not sure what that is or how to make one.

Also, this wording suggests you might be asking for help with a homework problem. Is that the case? A lot of people here teach R, and so are reluctant to help students by just answering their homework for them.

Instead, we like to see what you've tried to do, and understand where specifically you'ee having trouble. Right now it looks like you just posted a full homework question here.

Our homework guide is here: FAQ: Homework Policy

How should one ask a homework question?

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  2. Explicitly mention the course you are taking and use the homework tag.
  3. Ask your question as a reproducible example (reprex), preferably prepared for posting using the reprex package.

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Hi sorry for your inconvenience. Im new to R and i struggle start it in right direction. Those are some POC I'm was planning to do it . . so thought to ask online help as I don't know anyone with r background.

No inconvenience, just the need for more information and any relevant information about the question and data arising out of a #homework question.

What's unclear, at this point, how to recognize the start and end of an outage based on the data shown. Which does 0.0168 represent, for example?

Formulating questions clearly is the hardest part of any analysis.

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