Analysis of data stored in the cloud with a shiny app (accessible in

Dear RStudio community,

My question is about whether data to be analysed with a Shiny app could be stored, not on one central server, but on a federated cloud. For instance, on a federated Cloud like OwnCloud ( Data would then be analyzed in a dedicated Shiny app.


hi @mgalland yes that should be possible. There's basically three ways to get input data for your shiny app.

I don't know OwnCloud so not sure what's the best way to get the data from there. Is there an API? It is password protected or some other authentication? How is the data stored, in a file or a database?

If you simply want to get data from your owncloud server then you would only need to generate a public link and download the file on the shiny app.
If you need things like authenticated downloads or upload files to your owncloud server, then you would need to use the API, as far as I know there is no R wrapper for the API so you would have to manually construct the API requests and use a package like httr or similar, to send them.

Thanks to all for your insights. I don't know the OwnCloud solution (solution from a customer) but it seems indeed not completely straightforward. I'd rather go for the upload file solution but have to see if the customer is ok with that.
Thanks to you both for your answers,
All the best