Analysing Likert scale outcome variable and how to combine questions into one

Hello friends
I have a challenge analysing likert scale outcome variable. Allow me share full details of my research for more intuitive and adequate support

Main objective: "To determine the contribution of NGO capacity to Health Policy and System Research performance''

I have a total of 9 questions in my questionnaire focusing on my outcome above. Responses are recorded as 1-strongly agree, 2-agree, 3-Not sure, 4-Disagree, 5-Strongly disagree

Example of questions I have for my outcome variable

1. Our unit (including an individual staff) had a publication (s) of a research article (s) in a peer reviewed journal between September 2017 and August 2021
2. The unit (including individual staff) wrote an article (s) related to health policy and systems research in a national or regional newspaper from September 2017-August 2021.
3. I am happy with the research performance of my unit
4. Unit always uses research data to inform decisions in finance and programs/projects management
Note: (I have a total of nine questions for the outcome variable)

My independent variables (which I may not post here) are equally in likert scale responses 1-strongly agree, 2-agree, 3-Not sure, 4-Disagree, 5-Strongly disagree

What's the question then?

  1. What's the most suitable statistical model to explain my outcome (though i was thinking of ordered logistic regression)
    How do I combine the ten questions to explain my outcome rather than treating each question as stand-alone questions. OR is it statistically okay to combine questions into one to represent and outcome?

Thank you friends!

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