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    <p>If you haven&rsquo;t recently visited <a href=""></a>, RStudio&rsquo;s free site for publishing books written with the  <a href="">bookdown</a> R package, you many be amazed at what is available. Currently, there are over one hundred fifty titles listed under the <a href="">Books</a> tab. These are written in a panoply of languages including Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian (maybe), Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian (I think) and Vietnamese. The breadth of topics is extraordinary! Most books are concerned with R programming or statistical analyses, but you can find the odd volume of <a href="">Russian poetry</a> or treatise on <a href="">Capital</a>. Even with the aid of the bubble chart of tags there are hours of browsing here.</p>

The sophistication of the content ranges from student notes to texts that have been published in hardcover. The latter include:

Happy Reading!! And, please let us know if you would like review one of these books.

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