An API over ggnet to calculate network centrality and other parameters?

Hello all.
I designed a network using the ggnet package (an very similar API to ggplot, in-fact a wrapper around it).
Although the graphics are fine, It lacks (out of scope?) the functions to get the features of the network as far as I could tell from the vignette.
I explored igraph a bit but it seemed a bit old and was hoping there is a newer solution out there.

I am interested mainly in an easy API for nodes centrality (betweenness and others), as well as some other overall parameters.

Would appreciate community's wisdom on that one.

I think you might find what you want in {tidygraph} (haven't used it myself).

Otherwise, igraph might look a bit old, but it work fine once you get a bit used to it.

As far as I can tell, ggnet is indeed purely about plotting graphs, not about metrics.

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