An Added Page to a Quarto Website was Deleted When Rendering

This is really weird.
I started a new Blog website, changed the index.qmd to posts.qmd and the about.qmd to index.qmd.
After that, I created a new page called cv.qmd in the root directory and added some content to it.
This page was saved and even rendered to HTML.
I also added cv.qmd to the _quarto.yml file.
This new file was shown in the Files pane in Rstudio, but not in my own file explorer.
After clicking on Render Website on the Build pane, This new file is totally gone.
I can't find it anywhere.
Do you have any ideas why this happened, and how can I recover my lost file?

Since writing this I have rewritten my file, so now I am left only with the intellectual mystery.

This is indeed a mystery. I have no clue on what could have happened...

Hopefully it did not reproduced right ?

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