am new to r,can some one help me on this, this is a stata code but i want some one to help me with an r code for this

set obs 150
gen sid = .
*Generate dataset with missing id values
*75 observations of school 1 and school 2
forvalues x = 1/75 {
replace sid = 1 in x' } forvalues x = 76/150 { replace sid = 2 in x'
*Create student ID variable
*Only 50 observations for each school have a student ID value
gen id = ""
forvalues x = 1/50 {
replace id = "K" + "-x'" in x'
forvalues x = 76/125 {
replace id = "J" + "-x'" in x'

*Split the ID variable into a numeric and string component
gen split = strpos(id, "-")
gen sid_string = substr(id,1,split)
sort sid sid_string

gen id_num = substr(id, split+1,.)
destring id_num, replace

forvalues sid = 1/2 {
summarize id_num if sid == sid' *extract the maximum value for each sid local max = r(max)+1 local n1 = r(N) *the number of observations (including missing IDs) for each school summarize sid if sid == sid'
local n = r(N)-n1' local max_n = max' + `n' - 1

forvalues x = `max'/`max_n' {
	gsort sid + id_num
	replace id_num = `x' if id_num == . & sid == `sid' & id_num[_n-1]==`x'-1


*replace the missing ids with the generated ids
tostring id_num, replace
replace id = "K-" + id_num if id == "" & sid == 1
replace id = "J-" + id_num if id == "" & sid == 2


Welcome to the RStudio community!

We're happy to help you with issues you are have working on code, but it's not really the purpose of this forum to just do all the work for you for free :slight_smile:

If you're new to R, I suggest you search the web for tons of great tutorials on how to get started with R (there are even entire interactive courses you can take). Once you got started, you can start trying to convert the stata code given here (I assume you know this one a bit) and see how far you get. Once you get stuck, we're happy to help you out if you can create a reprex.

A reprex consists of the minimal code and data needed to recreate the issue/question you're having. You can find instructions how to build and share one here:

Good luck,

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