alternative ggdonut packages: I did a research work in rmd file. i am writning a research paper in a new rmd file. if i had a code that in the old rmd file that i want it output in my paper particularly the results section how do go by that


# Insert R code here to generate results
ggdonut(data=cdata,  group_key = "A1ATpheno",count_type = "full",label_info = "all", label_type = "horizon", label_split = NULL,
        label_size = 3, label_pos = "out")

The pie chart below shows the genotype distribution

The most obvious way would be to just copy the code to the new document and recreate the output. If that is not possible can you give us more information on what you are doing?

You can save this as an image. maybe look at ggsave package for this.
And insert this image into your new code.

Thank you. I was able to get it done in this way.