Alternating errors using case_weights in workflows


I have been using the use_case_weights function for a couple of months and I keep running into errors that I find difficult to understand and also to reproduce. The problem is that the same code could work perfectly fine 9 out of 10 times perfectly and then cause R studio to abort on the 10th run.
Also FYI, the code works 100% of the time without the case weights.

Some info: I'm using R 4.2.1, all packages are updated to the latest version.
This is my reprex - sorry if I'm not using the reprex package but I can't get it to work since R studio crashes when the errors come up.


randu$weight = runif(400)
randu = randu %>% mutate(weight = importance_weights(weight))

for(i in 1:20){
cv <- vfold_cv(randu, v=3)
recipe <- recipe(x ~ ., data = randu)

# model
gbt = boost_tree() %>%
            tree_depth = tune(),
            learn_rate = tune()
        ) %>%
        set_engine("xgboost") %>%

gbt_grid = expand.grid(
        tree_depth = 1:5,
        learn_rate = seq(0.05, 0.5,length.out = 10)

w1 = workflow() %>% 
    add_recipe(recipe) %>% 
print("tuning gbt")
w1_res = w1 %>% 
    tune_grid(grid = gbt_grid, resamples = cv,
                    metrics = metric_set(rmse))


As I said, the above code works fine 90% of the time, that's why I put a for loop, so that at least it creashes once. I have received the following three different messages before crashing:

x: preprocessor 1/1:
Error in vec_equal():
! Can't combine '..1' < character > and '..2' < importance_weights >

Error in { :
'kind' must be a character string of length 1 (RNG is used)

x: internal:
Error in dplyr::bind_cols():
! Unexpected type 'logical'.
i in file type-data-frame.c at line 415
i This is an internal error in the vctrs package, please report it to the package authors.

I don't know how to interpret these errors, it seems to me like there's some type conflict somewhere with the importance weights.

Hope that helps!

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