Alpine based rmarkdown

Hi everyone.

I was trying to make some markdown container.
My image is based on this one:

It err when rendering plots.
Here's my sample rmarkdown.

title: "Untitled"
    self_contained: false

\```{r plot}

The error message:

Quitting from lines 10-16 (simple_plot.Rmd)
Error in (function (filename = if (onefile) "Rplots.svg" else "Rplot%03d.svg",  :
  svg: Cairo-based devices are not available for this platform
Calls: <Anonymous> ... block_exec -> eng_r -> chunk_device -> -> <Anonymous>

Execution halted

I search about cairo alpine rmarkdown and find nothing.
Is there any way to not use svg if cairo_svg is not available?
How do I list and change device?


I don't know about alpine and Cairo installation but you can change the default graphic device to one that works on your system

See about dev option

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