Allocating more memory to R?

Dear all,
I have a Windows machine with 24gb of RAM but R will only access up to 2gb for a variety of functions, especially base R functions. I long remedied this by using the memory.limit() function to use up to 20gb at a time but for some reason this function is now defunct.

Does anyone know the real way to increase memory limits, synonymous with how the memory.limit() function once worked? I've resorted to run codes in old versions of R to enjoy this nicety. The answers I'm reading are useless--'R will allocate the memory it needs, don't worry'. It obviously doesn't or has a self-limiting component I want to disable.

I'd appreciate any guidance on the matter! Thank you so much.
Joe Giulian

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Did you see this post? And do you have a real example, where the process will take less memory than it would need to process faster? Haven't heard of this before, in my applications R takes as much as it needs if available.

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