All my projects were deleted!!

I suppose I haven't used RStudio Cloud in a few months but I have payed my sub fee and find this odd and unacceptable.

Anyone else experience this??

Sorry about this, I've forwarded your post to the team, but would you mind kindly reaching out to them directly via the technical support?

In >> open the menu via the hamburger icon in the top left >> under "help" click "technical support. Requesting help there also gives the support team information about your user and any existing or old projects.

I am have having the same issue, since the update of the website all of my projects and connected classes have disappeared when i Try to reconnect to the classes from columbia university on this platform its says error, i have multiple projects for both class that have disappeared, the TA is able to view my work space on their master access but my isn’t showing anything and wont allow me to reconnect to Psyc Stats or Psyc Methods.
Best, Catriona.

Hi Catriona,

Could you please open a support ticket via so our support team can better assist you?


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