all.equal comparison not aligned

Hi all, I was trying to compare the equality of two strings and both contained either leading or trailing whitespace.

May I know why such equality isn't valid? And how should I resolve this?

a <- "   total 2 pints"
b <- " total 2 pints  "
ta <- trimws(a)
tb <- trimws(b)

ta == tb

this shows at least the expected behaviour.
so if you cant match the trimmed text (ta,tb) then I would break down each to their characters and get the ascii numbers corresponding, then you can evaluate a difference in any of the numbering.

tac <-unlist(strsplit(ta,""))
tab <-unlist(strsplit(tb,""))
asc <- function(x) { strtoi(charToRaw(x),16L) }

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