All Arguments must have the same length

Hi all, I am trying to run my code in order to do a tabular analysis but whenever I do I get the following error message "Error in table(snsuser_tab, fives) :
all arguments must have the same length"
I attached my code below, any help would be greatly appreciated

These are not the same command. If you execute table(x), the result is a table of the number of times each element of x appears. If you execute table(x,y), x and y are supposed to be the same length and describe the same observations in the same order, and the result is a table of how many times the values in x and the values in y co-occur.

So the command without fives should not give an error message, the command with fives only makes sense if fives is the same length as snsuser.

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I added the "fives" command in an attempt to fix the length issue and it didn't work. What you recommend to do to make the data the same length?

What are you trying to obtain?

Im trying to do either a tabular analysis or a linear regression.

I mean, if you run table(snsuser) you shouldn't get any length problem. But I'm not sure that's the result you are trying to obtain: it will be the number of occurence of each value in snsuser.

If you have a set of points that can each be described with a value x and a value y, then you have two vectors x and y that are the same length, and you can run a linear regression with lm(y ~ x), or cross-tabulate them with table(x,y).

So it all boils down to what you are trying to determine. If snsuser and fives are two vectors that do not have the same length, they are not representing the same points and you can't cross-tabulate them or perform a linear regression on them. If your goal is to understand the relationship between SNSUSER_W35 and SM10C_W35 they are the same length, and this could be correct (depends on what they really represent).

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