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All Aboard! Exploring the Amtrak Passenger Rail System

Authors: Josh Fangmeier
twitter, website, github

Abstract: My submission is an interactive reactable table that displays all the routes and stations in the Amtrak system. Users can explore each route, learn about all the train stations that the route passes through, and see how ridership volume has changed over time.

Full Description: My table submission was generated in R to create an interactive reactable table of the Amtrak passenger rail system. The table include one row for each of the Amtrak routes with expandable details about stations that are along each route. For each route, the table uses custom CSS styling using htmltools, a bar chart of passenger volume using reactablefmtr, custom icons to display train cars, and an embedded map created with sf and ggplot2.

Within each route, stations are displayed with a subway-style route diagram (generated in ggplot2) to illustrate the junctions and branches of each route. Station names are styled with custom HTML/CSS, and historical ridership data is displayed with a sparkline via reactablefmtr. Information about connecting trains is available as expandable detail.

Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Tutorial
Table: Table Contest 2022 - Amtrak Passenger Rail System
Code: GitHub - jfangmeier/table-contest-2022
Cloud project:
Languages: Built with R: true. Built with Python: false.
Industries: Transportation.
Other packages: reactable, ggplot2, reactablefmtr, sf