Aligning image with multi panel ggplot2

Trying to align an image with some plots of geochem data for the data set and code below. Plot should be on the left hand column and align to the top and bottom of platted items.
Ideally it would look something like this:

Here is a link to the image

Thanks you!

k2_xrf <- tibble::tribble(
  ~Location, ~depth, ~depth_unit, ~param, ~count, ~units,  ~age, ~units_age,
  "Kiani",     0L,   "cm",   "Si",  2984L,  "ppm", 3000L,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     2L,   "cm",   "Si",  3318L,  "ppm",    NA,         NA,
  "Kiani",     4L,   "cm",   "Si",  3296L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     6L,   "cm",   "Si",  3712L,  "ppm", 5400L,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     8L,   "cm",   "Si",  4416L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     0L,   "cm",    "S",  3172L,  "ppm", 3000L,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     2L,   "cm",    "S",  3411L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     4L,   "cm",    "S",  3835L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     6L,   "cm",    "S",  4281L,  "ppm", 5400L,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     8L,   "cm",    "S",  3896L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     0L,   "cm",    "K",   325L,  "ppm", 3000L,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     2L,   "cm",    "K",    99L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     4L,   "cm",    "K",   180L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     6L,   "cm",    "K",   559L,  "ppm", 5400L,       "BP",
  "Kiani",     8L,   "cm",    "K",   504L,  "ppm",    NA,       "BP"


adm <- age_depth_model(depth = c(0, 6), age = c(3000, 5400))

k2_xrf %>%
  mutate(param = fct_relevel(param, "Si", "S", "K")) %>%
  ggplot(aes(x = count, y = depth)) +
  geom_lineh() +
  scale_y_depth_age(adm, age_breaks = c(3000, 5400)) +

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