Aligning Authors on an Rmarkdown rticles Document


I am trying to get authors to line up on a fictitious paper using the IEEE template from the rticles package. I'm afraid my latex knowledge could be described as rudimentary at best so im not sure how to debug it. I have six authors on this article and I would like to have three on the top row and three on the second row where they all line up from a horizontal and vertical perspective. Below is a reprex where the authors are included but they are all over the place. I hope someone can help and thank you very much for your time.

title: Bare Demo of IEEEtran.cls for IEEE Conferences
  # author-columnar: true         ## one column per author
  institution-columnar: true  ## one column per institution (multiple autors eventually)
  # wide: true                  ## one column wide author/affiliation fields
    - name: Georgia Institute of Technology
      department: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
      location: Atlanta, Georgia 30332--0250
      mark: 1
        - name: Michael Shell
    - name: Twentieth Century Fox
      location: Springfield, USA
      mark: 2
        - name: Homer Simpson
    - name: Starfleet Academy
      location: Springfield, USA
      other: "Telephone: (800) 555--1212, Fax: (888) 555--1212"
      mark: 3
        - name: Montgomery Scott
    - name: Tyrell Inc.
      location: Springfield, USA
      mark: 4
        - name: Eldon Tyrell
    - name: Tyrell Inc.
      location: Springfield, USA
      mark: 5
        - name: Jane Doe
    - name: Tyrell Inc.
      location: Springfield, USA
      mark: 6
        - name: John Smith 
keywords: ["keyword 1", "keyword 2"]
abstract: |
  The abstract goes here.
  On multiple lines eventually.

output: rticles::ieee_article


## Subsection Heading Here
Subsection text here.

### Subsubsection Heading Here
Subsubsection text here.

The conclusion goes here.

Acknowledgment {#acknowledgment}

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